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DVD Order Forms and Past Performance Information.

Performance Career
Highlights DVDs

A Performance Highlights video is like fast-forwarding to all your performances over the years... all on one clip!  Fees are on a sliding scale and based on how many performances are pulled from the master recordings.

Click here for example.


If you've got kids who are 'trying out' for various activities, you may need an audition DVD.  Theatre, 
Dance, Music, Sports Highlights... whatever their passion, it can be captured and presented effectively.  Quick and Easy Audition DVDs can help you get to the next level.

Click here for example.

Performing Arts
Fundraising Videos

Passionate about performing arts?  A professional video pulls at the heart of the matter and allows your donor to see first-hand 'your mission, your request for funds, where that money will go and how it will affect the community.  The result is very powerful. 

Click here for example.

Our Weekly Video Clip & Case Study - Coming Soon

JCV Productions - Professional Video Services